Realistic Replica Skull Haunts Thief – Prop Carving Artist Launches Life Lessons

Crime and thievery are no laughing matter, but for artist Zane Wylie they provided an opportunity to teach some valuable moral lessons, while having a few good laughs. After the artist recently had a replica skull stolen from his garage workshop, he launched an email campaign that helped to teach a young man a better way.

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There is no better recommendation for a replica artist than to have their work mistaken for the real thing, and in this case, the real thing just happened to be terrifying. The young thief who stole a Shakespeare skull the artist had carved for the production “Will,” was convinced the artist had launched an army of ghosts to haunt him for his misdeed.

Working mainly out of his garage, Zane Wylie produces highly detailed and incredibly realistic replica skulls that can be found in the homes of serious collectors around the world, and in several major media productions. Having a workshop attached to his home provides the artist with a few benefits, but also makes a great opportunity for thievery, as he found out.

Shortly after discovering the skull he had carved for “Will” was missing, the artist found a hand-written note, and the returned skull, in his mailbox. The replica had been stolen on a dare, the note explained, and the author was now convinced that he was being haunted by ghosts as punishment for his misdeeds.

While the artist was content to let matters lie, it seems the thief was not. The next day Zane received another hand-written note in his mailbox, complete with an e-mail address created so that the two could communicate.

Seeing an opportunity too good to pass up, the artist spun a yarn about how he acquired the very real-looking skull from the Necropolis, or City Of The Dead, and how similar hauntings had plagued him. To set the young man on a better path, he suggested that the only way to make the hauntings stop was to do good deeds to make up for his foul act of thievery.

The correspondence continued for several emails, which can all be found on the artist’s website. Needless to say, the young man has given up his life of crime.

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